Online lessons take place over video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom. 

Online Lessons

The New Standard

You and your coach have the same music and songs in front of you. This allows the lesson to flow as it would in person.

Your coach makes notes of what you worked on in the lesson. Your coach emails you the notes, which gives you convenient and doubt-free practice sessions.


Best Value


-No travel fee charge from your coach coming to your house

-No gas and tolls spent traveling to your coach's studio

No Commute

-Take lessons in the comfort of your own home

-No commute time to the coach's studio

-Easier to schedule 

Parents Love Us:


-Parents can monitor lessons remotely (or just check in at the end of the lesson) 

-No spreading of cold and flu from other students

-No hassle of finding new music coaches when relocating

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