The piano is an excellent choice for a first or second instrument up from age 5. Incredibly versatile, you can learn classical, pop, jazz, rock, blues, funk and electronic music all on this amazing instrument. In addition to the joy of making music, playing the piano can help increase math skills, reading comprehension and creativity.

Piano - Kids

Ages 5-11

We provide a positive learning experience in a friendly, 1 on 1 environment. Classes are geared anywhere from 'fun': explore music, sing favorite songs, to a more formal lesson structure.

Piano - PLAY

Ages 12-99

Anywhere from the basics to intermediate and advanced playing. Learn your favorite songs in a flash. Can be combined with other subjects such as songwriting or music theory. 

Piano - SING

Ages 7-99

Learn to sing and play at the same time! Classic songs, family favorites or current pop hits! Any piano coach with this vocal badge on their profile can teach you to sing and play at the same time.

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