First Guitar Lesson Checklist

Updated: May 6, 2020

Let the fun and music begin.


  1. A good, reliable wifi or ethernet internet connection

  2. Headphones/earbuds

  3. A guitar with 6 strings on it. If you are missing strings or other parts of an older guitar, please get in touch as soon as possible

  4. Guitar picks

  5. Extra guitar strings

  6. A guitar capo if you plan on singing or playing folk, alternative or pop music

  7. A cable and working amp (plug in and check it before the lesson) if you are playing electric guitar

  8. Send a list of your favorite songs or artists to . Don't worry if you can't think of any now, you and your coach will talk about it in your first lesson.

  9. Download Skype and add us by clicking: Give us a wave to let us know you are there!

  10. Subscribe to the Best Guitar Coach YouTube channel for free videos and materials that you will use for practice and during the lessons.

  1. Check that you are seated so that your entire guitar is 'in frame'. You can see a camera preview (what will be shown on our end) in 'Audio and Video Settings' in Skype.

If you have any pre-lesson questions, please feel free to reach out:

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