First Voice Lesson Checklist

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Let the fun and music begin. Get these 8 things ready to get the most out of your online lesson!


  1. A good, reliable wifi or ethernet internet connection.

  2. Headphones/earbuds.

  3. Download Skype and click: Give us a wave to let us know you are there!

  4. A good chair or place where you can sit up straight and stand when needed - make sure your headphones reach!

  5. Email a list of the songs you want to learn to . If you can't think of any, no worries. Your coach will help you figure out a good song to work on in the first few lessons.

  6. A glass/bottle of water to sip from. Singing can be thirsty work!

  7. Get ready to sing!

  8. Subscribe to the Best Vocal Coach YouTube channel for free warm up and exercise videos that you will use for practice and during the lessons.

If you have any pre-lesson questions, please feel free to reach out:

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