How to Get the Most Out of Your Song

Updated: May 22, 2019

Working on a new song can be exciting, scary, challenging, and fun! At some point, your coach may ask you to sing or play along with the original recording or a backing track/karaoke recording. To get the best results out of this experience during the lesson have the songs and backing tracks lined up and ready to play before the lesson on an mp3 player, phone, tablet, or second computer. This way you can sing along with the song, keep your headphones plugged in and your coach can hear every little detail. This same effect can be achieved by using a USB mic or Mic plugged into a USB or thunderbolt interface without the use of headphones. It also works to use speakers that are separate from the computer being used for the call, though this is not as ideal.

We acknowledge that not everyone has an extra device available during lesson times. If this is the case just let your coach know and they will adjust accordingly.

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