How to Recognize Ascending Intervals

Updated: May 18, 2019

Learning to recognize ascending musical intervals using these songs!

Ascending Minor 2nd

How Insensitive

The first two notes of the melody are a minor second.

Jaws Theme

At 00:45 seconds you can hear a minor second played over and over again.

Hard Day’s Night

The first two words of this song are a minor 2nd.

Ascending Major 2nd

Happy Birthday

The first two words are a major second.

Do Re Mi (Doe a Deer)

From Do to Re is a major 2nd.

Falling Slowly

The first two words are a major 2nd.

Ascending Minor 3rd

Greensleeves (What Child is This)

The first word ”Alas” contains two separate notes which are a minor 3rd apart.

Smoke on the Water

The interval between the first two chords at the very beginning of the song is a minor 3rd.

Georgia (On My Mind)

The word “Georgia” contains an ascending minor 3rd.

Ascending Major 3rd

Can’t Buy Me Love

The first two words of the song are a major 3rd apart.

I Can‘t Get Started With You

The first two words contain an interval of a major 3rd.

Girls Like You

From "twenty" to "four" is a major 3rd.

Ascending Perfect 4th

Love Me Tender

The first two words are a perfect 4th apart.

Star Wars "The Force" Theme

The first two notes of the theme are a perfect 4th.

All the Things You Are

Don't miss the first two notes, they are a perfect 4th.

Ascending Tritone (Augmented 4th/Diminished 5th)

The Simpsons Theme Song

From "The" to "Simp" is a tritone.


Starting at 00:32 seconds from the syllable "Ma" to "ri" is a tritone.

Ascending Perfect 5th

Twinkle Twinkle, the "Alphabet Song" (ABC Song)

A perfect 5th from the first to the second "twinkle". In the "Alphabet Song" from "B" to "C".

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

From the first to the second word is a perfect 5th.

Scarborough Fair

The interval between "you" and "goin'" is a perfect 5th.

Ascending Minor 6th

Black Orpheus

Right at 00:14 seconds you can hear a minor 6th.

The Entertainer

Right at the 00:06 second mark you can hear an ascending minor 6th

Ascending Major 6th

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

A major 6th is found between "My" and "bon".

NBC Chimes

The first two notes of the chimes are a major 6th apart.

Ascending Minor 7th


Beginning from 01:02 the first two words are a minor 7th apart.

The Winner Takes it All

At 01:05 the word "winner" contains a minor 7th.

Ascending Major 7th

Don't Know Why

From the first to the second word is a major 7th.

Take On Me

At 00:53 seconds between "Take" and "on" is a major 7th.

Ascending Octave

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The first word, "Somewhere" contains an octave.

Blue Bossa

Starting at 00:12 seconds the first two notes are an octave apart.

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