How to Use Music Minutes

Congratulations! You have made a commitment to yourself (or your child) to get better at this amazing thing called music! We are so happy to be with you on this journey.

After enrolling in Music Minutes:

1. Go to the "My Bookings" tab in your member profile. Click on "Check Out Our Services".

2. Select your lesson or Audition & Performance Package.

If you enrolled in 30 music minutes you can select from any 30-minute lesson.

If you enrolled in 60 music minutes you can select from any 60-minute lesson.

3. Select a day and time each week for your lesson through the This will be your day and time each week.

After you select the day and time for your lesson, you will see how many sessions you can book.

Fill out the booking form and click "Pay Now". You will not be charged. You will receive a confirmation message for your booking date and time.


Best Music Coach will set up a recurring date for you based on the day and time you select for your lesson. Do not repeat this process for Weekly bookings as it may result in weekly bookings.

Audition & Performance Packages:

Repeat the process for each lesson, selecting times and days that work best for you within the two-week period.


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