The ukulele is an extremely accessible instrument. Many students play their first song within the first two classes and sometimes even on the first day! The ukulele is a great starting point for younger students who have their dreams set on playing the guitar but are not quite ready for the size or commitment. Adults love how quickly they can play the ukulele with minimal weekly practice.

Ukulele - Kids

Ages 5-11

We provide a positive learning experience in a friendly, 1 on 1 environment. Classes are geared anywhere from 'fun': explore music, sing favorite songs, to a more formal lesson structure.

Ukulele - First

Ages 12 - Adult

Move from the basics to your favorite songs in a flash. Combine with other subjects such as songwriting or music theory. 

Ukulele - Next

Ages 12 - Adult

Take your playing to the next level with advanced techniques, skills and songs. Let's play! 

Music Lesson Questions?
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