Teaching: 10 years

Ages: 5 - 99

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Background Check: Passed

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Your favorite songs. Play along and learn to sing if you want!

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Customized to your goals with our 'at your own pace' lesson plans combined with a set curriculum.

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Vocal Coach Dan
Vocal Coach Dan

Vocal Coach Dan
Vocal Coach Dan


Short Bio

Dan has two degrees in music and has over 10 years of music teaching experience. He has taught ukulele at Montclair University's Extension Division and as an outreach instructor for Montclair State University.


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Starting at $25

Degrees & Training

Music Academy International | Diploma, France | International Partner of Berklee College of Music

Montclair State University | Bachelor of Music

Full Bio

Dan has two degrees in music and over 10 years of teaching experience. In addition to his international touring experience, he has played on professional recording sessions. He has played the ukulele with Broadway pit musicians and performers in off-Broadway productions. Dan loves to play and teach most styles and genres of music.


Some past teaching positions include:


Faculty at Montclair State University Extension Division

Montclair State University Outreach Instructor - Ukulele

Teaching Method

Dan passes his passion and love for music to his students. Customizing each lesson for each individual student while at the same time implementing the flexible Best Music Coach curriculum creates growth in a no-pressure lesson environment.  Dan helps students set goals and understand how best to practice. You can pick a favorite song you wish to learn or he can also help you select a song that will be a good fit for you. You can also learn ukulele just for fun or with serious musical goals in mind. Dan believes in giving students the same courtesy that is given to professional musicians, as all musicians are always learning and growing.

Your First Session

Introduction | 

Ask questions, communicate and  prioritize goals, explore song choice

Assessment | 

What do you know, and what do you need to know?

Parts of the Ukulele| 

Learn about different parts of the ukulele.

Chord Boxes | 

Learn how to read chord boxes which will help you play songs on day one!

Song 1 | 

Learn the chords for your first song!

Your Second Session

Check-In | 

Coach asks about your practice experience and adjusts the lesson and practice materials from your feedback and exercises demonstrations.

Review Parts of the Ukulele | 

Review parts of the ukulele.

Review Chord Boxes | 

Review chord boxes if needed.

Song 1 Review |

Review the chords for your first song.

Song 1 Next! |

Learn more of your first song, including strumming patterns and more chords!